About Us

We focused on creating social change through sport and education

Instructional Youth football and education program servicing the inner city. Our Mantra: “Changing Lives One Player at a Time”. 

In what we belive



Our mission is to provide a positive outlet
for the young people of NYC
and a way to a better life through our
“Run to Daylight Education Program”.

We believe Football is a lot like life.

Run to Daylight Education Program

The program concentrates
on finding candidates who are not
just athletes but dedicated students as well.

These student-athletes are matched
with schools that can offer a better
education then found in the
inner city public school system.

It is not what you do when you get knocked down;
It’s what you do after that counts in life.


Vince Lombardi
Coach & Motivator, NFL

A Vision - now a Team

The Beginning

In 1997 Stephen G. Hoffman and Timothy Cavanaugh started “The Run to Daylight Education Program.” Together they had the vision of providing the players with the opportunity to attend some of the top boarding schools in the northeast as well as local private schools in the New York City area.

Tragically, Stephen Hoffman was among those lost in the World Trade Center disaster during the events of September 11th, 2001.

Since the start, the “Run to Daylight Education Program” has helped upwards of 50 young men in fulfilling their dreams of attending prominent academic institutions.


Run To Daylight


Our long-term vision for the program is to one day be able to send 60 student-athletes per year to these prominent boarding schools. Eventually, we would like to grow in our scope to include a building, which would serve as an after-school tutoring facility for the SAT, SSAT, ISEE exams and tutor for individual subjects.