NYCYFL Game Dates for bantam and intro Team

The exact time will be announced as soon as we get it from NYCYFL
Please make sure you have read NYC Lions Sideline Rules.

Bantam (13-14 Years)  Schedule

All games will be posted on the “Home” page the latest Thursday evening before a game. 

Intermediate Wee Divison Schedule

10/12/2019 - Home - LBX Empire

LBX Empire vs NYC Lions
Location: NYC Lions Home
Time: TBA

10/19/2019 - Away - Bayside Raiders

NYC Lions vs. Bayside Raiders
Location: 736 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, NY 11203
Time: TBA

10/26/2019 - Home - Brooklyn Warriors

Brooklyn Warriors vs. NYC Lions
Location: NYC Home
Time: TBA

11/02/2019 - Position Week

Based on standings:

  • 5th Place vs. 1st Place
  • 4th Place vs. 2nd Place
  • 7th Place vs. 3rd Place
  • 8th Place vs. 6th Place

Location: TBA
Time: TBA

11/09/2019 - Playoffs

4 seed vs 1 seed
3 seed vs 2 seed
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

11/16/2019 - Championship