Practice Attendance

Because you're part of a Team

Practice Attendance Rules

Attendance is an essential ingredient to any team’s success. The NYC Lions Youth Football Program is no exception.

All players are accountable to their teammates and coaches.
You don’t have to announce your attendance – you have to inform your coach if you DO NOT attend!

Make every effort to attend practices as missed practices will affect playing time and the overall success of the team. Missing practices will affect your position on the team, as the coach’s use your attendance to build his team. To promote the values of your team and fairness to all who participate, follow this simple rules.

– Show up every practice

– Show up IN TIME – on-time is at least 10 minutes early to practice dressed and ready to go!

– If you’re late – txt your coach and explain shortly why you’re late

– If you can’t attend, txt your coach latest 30minute BEFORE practice starting time; have another athlete “pass the word on” it’s not allowed

We understand that players will deal with injuries, illnesses, schoolwork and many other activities. Communication is key. Let the coaches know what’s going on.

Excessive absenteeism from training and/or games may affect playing time and could eventually lead to the player being suspended or removed from the team.

– Miss 1 practice in 2 consecutive weeks: Player will sit out the entire game on that 2nd week
– Miss 2 practices in the same week: Player will sit out the entire game of that current week


Examples of excused absences:

– Serious illness
– Mandatory school event
– Studytime before a big test
– High School Application Test or Fair Visit
– Planned vacation
– Moving help (Parents only)
– Religious instruction class
– Family emergencies
– High School / College entrance examinations


Examples of unexcused absences:

– Conflict with other sport
– Overslept
– MTA transportation problems
– Birthday, birthday party invitation
– Try-outs, practices for other sport organizations Teams
– Not able to make it in time